Who we are

Australian Brands Alliance (ABA Labels) was founded in 2016, and started out with only five staff members. Our first brand Calli the Label launched in late 2016. We now have nine female apparel labels with two more coming soon. Our Sydney operations consists of over sixty staff members, with many more working for us in our factories in Humen, China.

We believe that fashion should be accessible to everyone and we are committed to producing quality on trend female apparel at affordable prices. We also strongly believe that fashion should not come at a cost to animals, the environment or the people who make them, therefore our dedication to our social and environmental responsibility drives how we operate our business.

What we do

We strive to provide original and on trend designs across all our labels, supplying unrivaled choice, quality and price focused fashion to the female apparel market. It is our aim to conduct business in a way that ensures we minimise our negative impact on the environment and relentlessly chase an ethical approach to conducting business that has only a positive impact upon people and planet.

We believe that it is not only what we do that determines who we are – rather it is how we do it that is important.


Our approach to design enables our Designers to react quickly to trends. They are given the freedom to experiment with colour palettes, shapes, fabrics and finishes to ensure our customers are getting the freshest original designs. We want the passion and personality of our Designers to shine through in the styles we produce. In addition our in-house Print Designers produce unique prints for each range that showcase the ethos of the brand and ensure our designs remain both distinctive and individual.

The Fashion Designers work together with garment technicians to ensure that the fit of our styles are perfect every time. We also work very closely with the pattern makers and makers at all stages of the production process in our factories to make sure we always achieve a high quality finished product.

Ethical Approach

Beyond a devotion to premium design, we are committed to socially responsible business initiatives for the future of fashion. Through the considered sourcing of fabrications, support of an ethical supply chain and conscious avoidance of harmful chemicals, we endeavor to maintain the ethical production and distribution of our products.

Our Factories.

Our Other Operations.

Our Supplier Code of Conduct.