Our Factories

Our fundamental ethos is to unite the concept of accessible, luxurious fashion and environmental and social responsibility in the Australian and global fashion market. We value complete transparency, holding globally recognised certifications from independent bodies that measure a range of indicators including social initiatives, environmental impacts, supply chain management and economic impact.


People are at the core of our business and we are committed to ensuring the quality of the working conditions of everyone involved our production process.

Our garment factories are SMETA audited by a third party. SMETA is a high-quality audit that encompass all aspects of responsible business practice to guarantee the quality of the health and safety and working conditions of the people involved in the production of our products. The audit also takes into consideration business ethics and the environmental impact of production. The audit covers:

Health & Safety

including questions on management, training, emergency and fire safety and worker health

Labour Standards

including questions on wages, working hours, children and young employees, freedom of association, non-discrimination, forced labour and human rights


including questions on environmental management, waste, raw materials, water, energy and pollution

Business Ethics

including questions on bribery and corruption

In addition, we take measured steps to ensure that we adhere to the Modern Slavery Act 2018 and constantly seek to improve our practices in all areas of this audit.


We have a responsibility to contribute to environmental sustainability to secure not only the future of our industry, but our planet. Our garment factories are audited to comply with ISO 14001 standards. This audit is carried out by a third-party company and specifies processes for the control and the continuous improvement of our environmental performance. It requires the development of an environmental policy that reflects our commitment to continuously improve our practices to ensure that we reduce our environmental impact.