Giving Back

As well as our commitments to social and environment responsibility, we want to  be able to give back to the communities in which we conduct our business. We do this in a number of ways from employee volunteering, to stock and monetary donations.


Apparel and Monetary Donation Value To Date

Our Ongoing Support

We have chosen two educational charities to support on an ongoing basis. We believe education is super important for the future of our planet but also that education is a fundamental human right that should be available to everyone not just those who can afford it.

Australian Indigenous Education Foundation

Australian Indigenous Education Foundation

AIEF provides scholarships and support through its two core programs, the AIEF Scholarship Program and the AIEF Pathways Program. The AIEF Scholarship Program provides funding that enables Indigenous students to pursue their education at leading Australian boarding schools and universities. Students supported by the program access quality education in culturally inclusive environments, where they develop the skills and confidence to fulfil their potential and make the most of their opportunities. The AIEF Pathways Program complements the AIEF Scholarship Program by providing career support to ensure all AIEF Scholarship Students make a successful transition from school or university to further studies or employment.
Educating Girls of Rural China

Educating Girls of Rural China

For 13 years, EGRC has empowered young women from rural regions of Western China to escape poverty through education. Their sponsorship programs, which provide these young women with the funds to attend high school and university, have always been about more than just financial support. Their goal is to empower these young women to become the future leaders that China and the world needs. To accomplish this, EGRC provides students and alumni of the program with a variety of career and training opportunities, and extensive moral support. EGRC believe this careful attention to each young woman’s development is the key to their success, with students boasting a graduation rate of above 99%.

Employee Chosen Charities

Our employees share our passion for social and environmental responsibility, and each month nominate a charity that they are passionate about. We hold regular sample sales and other fund raising events, all proceeds raised from these events are matched by the company and donated to the chosen charity for the month.

Below are just a few of the charities that we have supported so far:

Volunteer Days

As well as company organised volunteering, our employees are given two paid days per year to spend volunteering for a charity or cause of their choice. We actively encourage our employees to take up these volunteer days each year and help and support them in their choices.

Clean Up Australia Day

Every year ABA takes part in the Clean Up Australia Business Day campaign, choosing a different location to clean each year. Due to the pandemic we unfortunately couldn’t take part in this activity in 2020 but plan to make up for it this year with ongoing support!