Whilst we are always looking to reduce our use of polyester, sometimes we need it for performance. Polyester performs really well, and we are yet to find an alternative. It’s an ongoing process and there are no overnight solutions. When we switch to recycled polyester, we want to be 100% confident in our supply chain that these are from recycled materials.

We acknowledge that organic cotton is better for the planet and have introduced this into some of our product lines, however we always have the intention of being as sustainable as possible within our budget. We want to continue creating clothes at a price point that suits you.

We believe using a blend of materials with our linen creates a product that offers comfort, quality and is long-lasting. We are working towards using more natural fibres, without compromising on cost. We will be introducing a higher percentage of styles in 100% linen in 2022.

Having recycled swing tags is one of our business goals and in 2021 we began to introduce them to our brands. This is an ongoing process to find sustainable alternatives.

We acknowledge that we are a company with a high turnover of clothes. We want to produce clothes that make people feel good in them, yet we also want to consider the environment. That’s why we have created SwapPay, an initiative that extends the lifecycle of our clothes. Click here to find out more.

We design our clothes in Australia and have them produced in China. Whilst we would love to have everything local, this is not feasible for cost and production reasons. Due to China’s resources, we are able to make high-quality, long-lasting clothes within the timeframe and price point we require them. We have a Supplier Code of Conduct which ensures ethical production across our factories.

We understand the fashion industry is culprit to a lot of waste. We’re looking to reduce waste where we can. Some of our products are created using off-cut fabrics from our factories, we have introduced recycled tags and in 2021 we launched SwapPay, a sustainability initiative that extends the lifecycle of our clothes.

Our focus is on natural materials where possible. For us, this is using linen, cotton and Tencel™ Lyocell. Where we can’t use natural materials due to cost or availability, we look to use recycled fabrics such as recycled polyester. It’s an ongoing journey that we are continuously looking to improve.